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  Human Factors Training for Maintenance personnel

The importance of additional attention to Human factors training has been established by the new requirement within EASA. Now we must attend to the personnel with a essential function for all flight operations, all engaged in the maintenance organisations and systems.

During the last 15 years, more and more accident investigations has proven that the maintenance system has a part in more of the incident/accidents. The development of the aviation has reduced the percentage of incidents/accidents but as the aircraft has been more reliable the maintenance errors are increasing. In fact the only factor in the statistic that is increasing.
This is some of the facts from different surveys. 1/3 of the maintenance personnel does not act according to the published procedures, of 500 task examined in Maintenance Manuals 60 % where not correct. 1/3 of the personnel not using published procedures, and the ones using them are using publications where 60 % is not suitable.
Initiated aviation experts claim, if the trend does not slow down, we will double the fatal accident up to 2010.

Tecdoc start 2004 with a program for Human Factors training for maintenance systems. This starts with a 1-day course for management personnel. After that the Companies will return with the imformation and start establishing their systems, "how do we do it". Deciding training system, maintenance error capture systems to use, and establish the Company procedures within manuals and information to all personnel. After that all personnel training is started.
Tecdoc will offer this course to the organisations, a 3-day course, with start during 2005.

There is no alternative, the EASA regulation state that the system must be established and all personnel must be trained before 28 September 2006.

But after reveiwing the subject I am convinced that we must change the influence of the maintenance system in the incident/accident statistics. Otherwise the public and governing authorities will impose systems on the market that will be very costy and time consuming. Much more costly than the cost of present errors, and belive me, that is not of minor importance.

If you find this interesting, please contact me by E-mail. Then you will recieve information as the program takes form. Regarding course lay-out, times for courses and additional information.

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