Aviation Consultant

   Jan Ahlquist

Jan Ahlquist is the owner of Tecdoc.

With a start in 1965 at Transair Sweden AB as an maintenance engineer, continuing at SAS ARN, Emmaboda Business Flight Service, Aerocenter Trafikflyg, Aerocenter, Swedair i Vxj AB, Nyge-Aero AB, Transwede, B. Air Charter, Trygg-Flyg AB, International Business Air AB and then the own Company.

I have worked in most management positions within aviation mainly directed to maintenance, Maintenance Engineer, Technical Manager, Engineering function, Quality Control and General Manager, Spare logistics and in all these functions been participating in the Company organisations and operational planning. Thereby got a wide experience base from different operations and aircraft types.

Maintenance Engineer on DC9, B727, Cessna singles, Cessna twins, Beech 90, 99 and 200, Fairchild F-27 and Fokker F-27, Piper PA31, PA46 and MU2B. Additional work practice on Convair 340, DC-6, DC-7B, B707, Vickers Viscount 700/800, MD80, SE-210 Caravelle, B747, DC-8, CASA 212,  Metro III and Embraer EMB 120 and other. Maintenance course only Lear 24, Cessna 500, Beech B-55, MD80 and Gulfstream IV.

During a period in the beginning of the -80;s I was working for FFV Telub Informationsteknik as Technical Editor, this work gave an input to the information sector of the technical world. It was very interesting to work with different technical systems and both plan, write and work in cooperation with the customers technical experts to get a good information package regarding their products. This triggered the interest to get started with some business more in line with this.

The opportunity came when the JAA regulations started to form, and since 1991 I have been working with these. In addition Maintenance Manager / Director of Maintenance according to JAR-OPS 1 Subpart M for 3 CASA 212, 2 Metro III and 2 EMB 120. Quality Manager for SAAB 340 operator -9 aircraft and now Quality Manager for a Corporate operator with two Falcon 900EX EASy and one Hawker 800XP has been the assignments the last years.

Training in Aviation Management Quality Systems and Audit procedures completed 2000 after several years of audit assignments for operators.

Human Factors training within aircraft maintenance organisations and systems is the latest object, starting with courses for maintenance organisation personnel according to the EASA requirements.

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