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 JAR-OPS 1/3  CAME - Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition

The Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition is the document describing the operators maintenance organisation including the airworthiness procedures. Responsible for issue is the operators technical nominated postholder. For an operator with PART-145 approval and no external customers this part is PART 0 and 6 in the MOE - Maintenance Organisation Exposition.(And to be included; Part 9 Airworthiness review procedures)
It is recommended that this is a separate publication in all cases where the PART-145 organisation also perform maintenance for other operators. The CAME will in these cases clearly define the responsibilities between the PART-145 maintenance organisation and the JAR/EASA-OPS organisation.

A combined PART-M / PART 145 maintenance organisation manual is also prepared.

All manuals can be used with only Company data revised all procedures, routines and forms are included.

Look at manuals for availability and details.


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