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Tecdoc is a Company with experience from the European, US and Middle East aviation market. Administrative assistance for commuter and charter airlines, air taxi operators and corporate owners.

Company started 1991 with a business profile to assist the aviation market with the upcoming administration requirements regarding the JAA regulations. The first object was the JAR-145 organisations. This was very well supported by the market and several Companies used the MOE concept produced by Tecdoc. Some only bought the basic material and for others Tecdoc made the complete manual in cooperation with the organisation.

During the period several aircraft imports, modification programs has been handled to assist operators.

Tecdoc offers an experienced addition to the organisations during Company expansions and reorganisations. Quality Systems and Audit assignments for the EASA/JAR-OPS requirements is also a part of the business, this to avoid any conflicts for nominated personnel when establishing the required audit system.

Human Factors training within aircraft maintenance is the latest object, starting with courses for maintenance organisation personnel according to the EASA requirements.

EASA implemention or adjustments to the new regulations will of course be another task for the Company.

The Company owner is Jan Ahlquist with experience within aviation since 1965.
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