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LET 410 UVP  General information

As a lot of questions is regarding the certification of the LET 410 therefore I share this information as given by the factory.

L 410 UVPCertification basis NLGS-2* type certificate C.I.S and in Czech Republic., max 15 passengers
* Russian NLGS-2 Regulation

L 410 UVP-E

Certification basis NLGS-2 type certificate C.I.S. and in Czech Republic, max 19 passengers.
UVP-E3 is normally parachuter aircraft with sliding door.

L 410 UVP-E9

Certification basis JAR-25 in Czech Republic approved for operation in Denmark, India, Djibouti, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Kenya.

L 410 UVP-E10

avionics Bendix/King

L 410 UVP-E16

Certification basis NLGS-2, Fast Medical Aid version.

L 410 UVP-E20

Certification basis FAR23/34 in Czech Republic, Sweden, Brazil, Denmark, Argentina, approved for operation in South Africa.

LET information
During the years a number of other countries also has accepted the LET410 but that must be checked by each operator what is valid in their country and what models that is accepted today.
LET 410 aircraft has been manufactured in over 1100 units most of them to the former Russian government, but they are operating on all continents as of today. 

Why buy LET 410UVP-E's
Most of the aircraft have low time from 1500 up to 7000 hrs.
They are fairly new 86-90 year model with 1500-7000 hrs with most from 2000-6000 hrs. A comfortable, spacious 19 passenger commuter aircraft with low time, simple to maintain and new overhauled airframe/engines/props new avionics as required and maybe refurbished inside/out for approx. USD 600'-750.000

Specification L 410 UVP-E9
Below is information received from the LET factory and from their published information valid for L 410UVP-E9 if not otherwise noted, all just collected and rearranged. Thereby no responsibility taken for errors in the material or the presentation, but could give most of the required information if interested.


Wing span (tip tanks)
without tip tanks

19.980 m
19.480 m

65.55 ft
63.91 ft

Overall length

14.424 m

47.3 ft

Overall height

5.83 m

19.1 ft

Passenger cabin volume

17.9 cu m

632 cu ft

Entrance door

0.80 x 1.46 m

2.6 x 4.8 ft

Cargo door

1.25 x 1.46 m

4.1 x 4.8 ft



Max take-off weight(MTOW)

6 600 kg

14 550 lb

Max landing weight (MLW)

6 400 kg

14 109 lb

Empty weight, with tip tanks/
tip tanks approx.

4 020 kg/
60 kg

8 862 lb/
132 lb

Maximum fuel

1 300 kg

2 886 lb

Maximum payload

1 710 kg

3 770 lb


Continuous cruise speed (ISA, TAS,H=4200m/13800 ft)

386 km/h

208 knots

Economical cruise speed (ISA, TAS,H=4200m/13800 ft)


226 mph/
197 knots

Max operating ceiling

4 200 m

14 000 ft

Technical ceiling

6 000 m

19 700 ft

Range with max fuel. (ISA, payload 1120 kg, 45 min reserv, with tip tanks.

1 385 km

743 Nm

Climb rates(ISA, SL, MTOW) Both engines/single engine

1.55 m/s

305 fpm

Single engine ceiling, 50fpm

3 900 m

12 800 ft

Dual engine ceiling, 100 fpm

7 200 m

23 625 ft


Power plant- Walter M601E21,-E31 engines

Maximum take-off rating (ISA, H=0, v=0, up to +31C)

560 kW

751 SHP

Maximum continuous rating. Shaft output.(H=0, v=0)

490 kW

657 SHP

Emergency rating, shaft output

595 kW

798 SHP

Weight (dry, fully equipped)

196 kg

437 lb


Propeller - AVIA Hamilton V-510, 5-bladed

Propeller diameter

2.3 m

7.546 ft




RPM - take-off

2 080



94 kg

207 lb

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