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Tecdoc has been working for different Companies since 1991, below some of the customers:

Starcross, Scanjet, Fola Airsafe, Airborne, Time Air Sweden, Malmö Aviation, Hangar 5, Bromma Air Maintenance, Helicraft, SAAB Helicopter, STORA Flight, SAAB-SCANIA Corporate, North Cross Airways, European Aircraft Service, Airsafe Sweden, Holmström Air, Skyways, FMV/F16-F13, West Air Sweden, Telub Miltest, SOS Helicopter, HT Helikoptertranport, Skyline Helicopters, Nyqvist Aero, Blue Chip Jet, Jivair, Trygg-Flyg AB, International Business Air AB, Griffon Aviation (Cyprus) Ltd, SOS Flygambulans and Flygtransport AB.

The work scope has been different for each customer from delivery of base manuals or computer system, the completion of JAR/EASA PART-145 MOE's, JAR/EASA-OPS 1/3 OM's, MME/CAME manuals or combined MOE/CAME or AMP's for the Companies.

For FMV - Swedish Defence Material Agency, in connection with the purchase of the Gulfstream IV aircraft, establishment of maintenance organisation and the rules and regulations for operating and maintaining a commercial type aircraft.

Aircraft inspections, purchase, evaluations and export/imports are other tasks performed for customers. Some aircraft have also been sold to customers worldwide.

For West Air Sweden, the MOE concept and modification program in connection with the start of operation with HS 748 freight aircraft.

For Trygg-Flyg AB, purchase / certification and start of CASA 212 operation. Start of SAAB 340 operation.

For International Business AB, start of EMB 120 operation.

Quality Manager 50% for Avitrans Nordic AB, 9 SAAB 340 aircraft and today for Blue Chip Jet HB a corporate operator with two Falcon 900EX EASy and one Hawker 800XP also 50%.

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